Mechanized, Center Pivot

‘More Right Than Rain’

There’s no mistaking Reinke Manufacturing’s attention to detail and service. As authorized dealers for one of the largest and most reputable irrigation companies in the world, Farm Services Inc. works directly with Reinke to deliver prompt, world class service. Our technicians undergo rigorous, ongoing training through Reinke Manufacturing. And just like Reinke, we live and work with growers like you. We have what it takes, and we make it happen.

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We Repair & Service All Systems

Farm Services Inc. works with all major brands of center pivot systems. Call on us to locate underground wire faults and to install, repair or replace any underground electrical wire or pipe.

Partners for Longevity

Proper installation and maintenance is key to the longevity of your irrigation system. No delay, no lost crops – Farm Services Inc. is committed to keeping your system running at optimum.