Big Gun, Traveler

Farm Services Inc. can help you irrigate better and save resources at the same time. We partner with the leading producers of large volume systems to meet all of your irrigation needs with efficiency, durability and ease.


Water-Winch & Heinzman

Farm Services Inc. stocks a wide selection of quality traveler parts at great prices. We also stock a wide selection of non-current production Water-Winch & Heinzman traveler parts.

Rainbow Irrigation Systems

For over forty years Rainbow has manufactured quality irrigation equipment for agriculture around the world. Rainbow continues to upgrade and refine each product as well as introduce new products to meet the demand of its customers. The primary goal of Rainbow and its dealer network is to provide quality products, quality parts, as well as timely support and service.


Kifco is the leading provider of water reels, hoses, pumps and sprinklers in the USA. Water reels make irrigation easy. With the right setup, most fields can be fully watered in a single pass. Kifco has created the right combination of pumps, sprinklers and reels for your business.

Snap-Tite Hose

Farm Services distributes 4", 4.5", Snap-Tite Traveler Hose, 6" Snap-Tite Supply Hose, and a variety of fittings and coupling valves for your Big Gun traveler needs.

Big Gun

Nelson Big Guns

In the field of large-volume sprinklers, Nelson Big Guns® are recognized the world over as the leader in quality and performance. They are engineered and precision manufactured for heavy-duty reliability and long wear life with minimum maintenance required. Every Nelson Big Gun® is subjected to the toughest inspection testing and quality control standards in the industry. The SR (Slow Reverse) series of Big Guns® is far and away the number one choice for center pivot end gun and traveler use around the world – it’s indispensable in dust suppression and wastewater applications as well. With its proven dual arm drive and patented dual drive spoon, the SR gun reverses at the same slow, steady speed as it drives forward. This greatly reduces the vibration and whipping action of the old fast reverse system, which puts excessive stress and strain on the carrying device.

Komet Pivot Products

Komet Pivot Products are the result of decades of research, development and innovation in irrigation products to maximize uniformity and efficiency for all models of irrigation pivots. Komet’s unique operational advantages, combined with high quality manufacturing standards provide users with exceptional products specifically designed for superior performance.